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Aircraft Hangars

You need a custom aircraft hangar to meet your unique needs, and Princeton Construction offers a variety of sizes and designs to help you create a home for your aircraft. We believe quality counts, which is why we use RIGID Global Buildings steel products, the leading manufacturer of airplane hangars and other metal buildings, to build aircraft hangers that stand the test of time.


Rigid Global Buildings is our steel partners in Agricultural, Commercial, Aircraft Hangars and more.

Industrial Facilities

High-quality industrial facilities built right for the best value

Storage Facilities

Durable storage facilities of all sizes

Aircraft Hangars

Durable, high-quality aircraft hangars using Rigid steel


Ground-up building or retrofitting of custom retail spaces

Medical Buildings

Design-build and retrofit for state of the art medical office buildings

Office Buildings

Tenant build out and design or retrofitting for small and large office buildings


Durable warehouses that last using Rigid Global Buildings steel


Hard-working agricultural buildings that meet your needs using Rigid steel


Residential design and new home construction


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